More than a devotional aid


The bible is able to sit quite comfortably alongside your daily reading notes and on the desk of a president or prime minister. Whatever our reasons are for reading the bible we should all want to know what it means and once we have determined what it means, what does it mean for the decisions I make and the actions I perform. Reading for meaning matters or what we have read won’t mean...

-1 but it feels like -5

With winter upon us we have been reintroduced to weather reports that go something like this ” the temperature today is -1 but it will feel like -5″. This relationship between what something is and what it will feel like is more than interesting (and even confusing, how can the temperature be different than what it feels?) when it comes to what we remember. We can feel cold, warm or...

How can you say…?


In the Psalms, we can hear the Psalmist speak to his soul, ‘why are you cast down…’ and in many ways these words like the words of David in Psalm 11:1 ‘In the LORD I take refuge; how can you say to my soul,’Flee like a bird to your mountain’ address our identity. These words are spoken by David in a time of crisis and they express how the faithful may have...

Family: Children and the knowledge of good and evil


We can learn a lot from what God commands His people to stay away from, everything from fortune tellers to keeping our lives free from the love of money. Children will grow up in a world where the knowledge of good and evil is out in the open and they do not automatically have the necessary wisdom to deal the challenges this brings. Therefore, children will need protecting and training as they...

Family: Words and Children


God gave us language that we might understand the truth and that our communication would be truthful. Words have power, they can build up and they can destroy and therefore choosing our words carefully before we speak them is very important, especially when they are spoken to children who develop quickly and believe easily. The words that we speak are words that we believe and have therefore...

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