A Mind at Rest


Life is more difficult when the mind is not at rest and by rest, I do not mean inactive but rather worry-free or free from distractions. We are taught in 2 Corinthians that the weapons of our warfare are prayer, the word of God, the gift of faith and the power of God the Holy Spirit. A stronghold ( 2 Cor 10:3-6) is what occupies the mind and it can be anything from a wrong thought or belief or a...

Family: Work and Rest


As we consider how the family functions on a daily basis, work and rest can be observed from different points of view by different members within the family. Let’s say that as the father comes home from being at work all day which is in a different location from his home, the home can easily become a place of rest, but for the Mother who has been teaching her children, preparing food...

Every Word


When a person begins speaking about what the Bible teaches before they have finished reading it, they can easily fall into many difficulties and then wonder why this has happened. This doesn’t mean that we will be able to avoid every difficulty once we have read through the entire Bible, but it will make a big difference. We’re not wanting Christians to fall into needless and...

Restitution and the worship of God


Being reminded of our need to be forgiven is very different from being reminded of our sins. In Leviticus chapters four to six we are taught about the offerings which God expected under the old covenant. The sin offering teaches us how seriously God considers sin to be, that even if a person sins unintentionally or even sins without being aware that he or she has, God still finds that person...

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