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Andrew Morton has posted a great message over at Knowing Christianity, you can listen to it by clicking the link below. Usefulness in the Kingdom of God   TRELLIS The “Trellis” programme is going online. Trellis: This programme is for all those who are interested in biblical exposition and the reading of theological works, from mostly dead authors as they can’t change their...

Family: The Paideia of the Lord


At the time when Paul wrote of the Paideia of the Lord (the formation of individuals into the image of Christ, resulting in a Christian culture) (Eph 6:4), he knew that the church was at the very beginning of bringing a new culture to the world. Therefore, if one did not already exist, the father along with other fathers in the church would soon have one, if indeed they led their families...

Recognising the invisible hand of God at work


The book of Esther explains how we can see the invisible hand of God at work. The book of Esther never mentions God once but given the fact that the people of God were saved from being destroyed we know that God must have been at work in order for this not to happen, but how do we know? Where to begin If we were to explain Easter to someone, we would need to go further back than the resurrection...

How to depend on God


In order to explain how people depended on God and how we are to do the same today, the explanation deserves more than a one-word answer like “trust”. However, it doesn’t take long to observe that for some, a greater explanation seems taxing. The reason for this is because when things get complicated like life can, it’s easier, to not think about something for too long or...

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