life is a precondition


The life that God gives, allows us to enjoy all His other blessings. Recognising that life is a precondition to all other blessings, we can begin to understand how in sin it is the vessel for abusing those blessings. Everything we think, feel and do happens through the life we live. Without the life we have, those things we think about would be gone, the feelings we have, gone, and we would have nothing to do. Given these basic truths, we are able to understand why we are never jealous of a deck chair on the sea shore basking in the sun. But the moment a person fills that seat, then suddenly jealousy creeps in. It creeps in, because we are able to tell the difference between the deck chair, which cannot enjoy the heat of the sun and the person in the chair who can. The reason we can is because we know the chair does not enjoy life but the person does.

Life allows us to enjoy the presence of others and feel the pain when they have died. But it’s our relationship with God that allows us to bless those around us. Like the man in Psalm one who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, but who delights himself in the law of the Lord. This man likened to a tree planted by streams of living water, producing its fruit in its season. Since trees don’t eat their own fruit, we understand that what they produce is for others. The man who walks close and clean with God, is likened to this tree, able to provide for others. Having something to give that will benefit the life of another person.

Life is the gift that God has given us so that we can come to share in him, it is the precondition to all His other blessings. It is also the blessing, which is the means of being able to bless others.


By Daniel Ralph

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