But it functions like unbelief


The teacher in the book of Ecclesiastes causes us to see how belief in God can practically function like unbelief, and why it matters that we are able to spot the difference. We can address this another way by asking a simple question, “Will God answer our prayers in a way that contradicts His word?” If you have said “no” to this question, your right. But can you spot it when it comes to your prayers? But before we get to being able to answer that question, we ought to remember what the book of Ecclesiastes accomplishes. The teacher in Ecclesiastes is whose voice we hear and we are introduced to the teacher by the author, who might be the same person. From the teachers point of view, who experiments with life with great wisdom. He arrives at the conclusion that there is no meaning and purpose if there is no God. Everything is meaningless, and if life is just under the sun, then why not just eat, drink and be merry. For you will come and go, why not enjoy yourself and serve yourself as much as you can. There is no need for a church, where you are called to devote yourselves to the Apostles teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers, for there is no God and no ultimate standard. For your life simply exists under the sun and therefore all is meaningless.

Now since those who follow Jesus, know God, we may think that we are safe from such meaningless behaviour. But this post is not about what you say you believe, but rather how your belief in God functions like unbelief, how it has the characteristics of living life under the sun. We who understand what the word of God teaches about sin know, that if you outlaw knives from being carried, then only outlaws will carry knives. We know this because we know how sin operates. so why are we so bad at noticing it in other areas and what if prayer is the means of covering it up, of providing the camouflage? Imagine if you pray about the thing you are already doing, asking God if you should continue to do it, and after much “prayer” you conclude, that you will continue to do what you have been doing up to that point. But what you’re doing is contrary to what the word of God teaches, but you’re unable to notice this because you don’t really know the word of God you say you believe. By continuing to do what you have, having submitted it to God in prayer, and left convinced that you can continue, you involve God in your decision as if this is a positive action, when in His word, God has declared the opposite with great clarity. When your belief in God and your Christian life functions like unbelief, like life lived under the sun, remember that God will never answer a prayer contrary to what His word teaches.


By Daniel Ralph

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