Blessings not debts


Proverbs sixteen teaches, that the person who gives thought to the Lord will discover good and the same person who trusts in the Lord will be blessed. There is a faithfulness that leads to blessing but as we see in Deuteronomy, if the blessings we have, and our desire for them replaces our faithfulness of giving thought to the lord and trusting Him, we end up losing the blessings we have. The faithfulness that leads to blessings described in Proverbs should lead us to greater faithfulness, not less. It’s important to realise that God can bless us at any time for any reason he has, irrespective of what we do. But forgetting that the blessing comes from God or thinking that they come from our own hands, mixed with a sense of entitlement erodes our faithfulness to God. God has no debts.


By Daniel Ralph

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