Them bones, them bones, them dry bones


It has become necessary to reclaim Christian conversion as a spiritual necessity, which is the work of God in those He loves. Conversion is what happens, when God regenerates dry bones in to living people, the unbeliever in to a follower of Christ. Regeneration, is how God gives the gift of repentance and faith, and conversion explains the signs we see in a persons life when this happens.

In conversion we will see a turning away from sin and a turning to God, we will witness repentance and faith, trusting and following. The whole person goes through a change, they will think differently about God, Christ, sin and self, because they have new life. The Person now loves God and hates sin because there is a change in their affections and feelings. There is also a change of will and a new direction given to their whole life. Turning from sin is not something which happens when a person has had all their questions answered, because conversion is not just a matter of new knowledge and understanding, but a change of will. There will always be those who want to argue the point, and say that the reason they don’t believe, is because they haven’t had all their questions answered. But if it is put to them, that this could be done, would they then turn to God? The unregenerate will does not want to turn.

Since true conversion has a definite and lasting change, it follows that counterfeit conversions which exist (Matt 7:21) will not. In true conversion, there is a denial of self and a submission to the Lordship of Christ, as defined by scripture and not by those who think they are doing their bit. Since, it is the grace of God which causes us to say no to sin (Titus 2:12), it follows that in counterfeit conversions there could be no obedience to Christ properly understood. When there is no denial of self, their is no thankfulness for the gifts of repentance and faith. With conversion to God being supernaturally caused by God, every believer comes to faith in the same way and by that faith are called to live denying themselves and following Christ.

By Daniel Ralph

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