The Blessing of Responsibility


The blessing of responsibility is demanding and wonderful, and throughout life our responsibilities can change. Grandparents who can hand their grandchildren back at the end of the day, understand that when they do, certain responsibilities are handed back with them.

But the question of how much effort should I make? and where do I get my strength from, to do what I am meant to do? needs to be answered. When the same thing has been accomplished by two different people, it might be tempting to think that the same amount of effort was used, but some people find some things easier than others, and so just by looking at the result, we cannot see the amount of effort that has been put in. When one person finds something easier, due to training, how they were brought up, how adaptable they are and a list of other reasons, compared with another person who has accomplished the same result but who took twice as long. We can miss the amount effort made by just looking at the result. But on the other hand, we can also miss the effort made to get good at something, the long hours of practice and patience.

When we read, that God’s grace is sufficient, it seems that it must be sufficiently given (in terms of quantity/effectiveness) so that we can do what God requires of us as written in His word. If the standard is the same for all who follow Christ, all husbands, fathers, mothers, wives, sons and daughters, it follows, that if we are to be the husband and father that God wants us to be then His grace is sufficient for that to happen.

When life is difficult more effort is needed and God’s grace is still sufficient. Therefore, to claim that you have a condition so as to avoid responsibilities, which God has given you along with His grace, is to claim something about the grace of God – which is, that it’s not sufficient. We cannot expect a blind man to be responsible for seeing, because his condition means that he cannot fulfil that responsibility. In this case, it would not matter how much effort he made, his condition has already determined that no amount of effort would overcome his blindness, to the point where he could be responsible for seeing. But the same cannot be said of certain other conditions or beliefs, when all that is needed is more effort. Like the effort to make the effort, or the effort made to get good at something.

God protects the value of the Christian life with His grace, He protects the value and meaning of what it is to be a Husband, Father, Mother and Wife with His grace, because His grace is sufficient. It is always sufficient.


By Daniel Ralph

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