Name above all flattery


When someone famous is converted, it has been observed that many Christians have drawn more attention to the celebrity than the celebrity themselves. Many of these Christians act as if they have forgotten who is of real influence. This is not to undermine any true celebrity convert or their influence but it’s worth pointing out, that it wasn’t needed to bring them to faith in the first place. But, this doesn’t stop many from considering them to be a wonderful addition to the faith and now that they are, their celebrity name and status can be used for kingdom advancement.

It goes without saying that people are shaped by an ever greater amount of people they have never met, but who they see often in videos on YouTube and the like. Many young people are shaped more by YouTube stars which they want to emulate,  than they are by Parents and those who know them the best. The idea of being a celebrity is now in the hands of many who can through uploads, shape and fashion a life that cannot be tested, by the majority who watch their videos and see their pics. When a celebrity of any kind has influence, they cannot help the fact that they take their celebrity status with them as this is what they are best known for. Even in Christianity there is a cult of personality, where some Pastors refer to other Pastors as “regular” or “normal”. The reason they do this, is because they have come to believe that they are different due to their accepted celebrity status (which they will not admit to).

So what do we do, when a famous person reveals that they are a follower of Jesus. We should teach them not to believe the many other followers of Jesus who say, that their name can bring a gospel advance like no other. Quickly followed with biblical reasoning, which is able to keep our feet and theirs firmly on the ground, and our heart towards God. Which is that our Saviour has a name above all names, and at that name every knee will bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth.

By Daniel Ralph

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