Family: The high calling of motherhood


The high calling of motherhood can be easily missed and even given a lower position than the position which God has given it. This has come about for two reasons, the first is that the church has failed to teach on the high calling of motherhood and secondly because many mothers have been conformed to the world. God created men and women, God created the man to work and tend to the garden and He made the woman to work and tend to the man and their children.

High calling

Being a wife and mother is a high calling of God that will be demonstrated to children by the wife and mother who fulfils this high calling. Such women will not raise their daughters to believe that unless they can do what a man can do then they are not fulfilling their true potential. Neither will they teach their little girls that having a career is one of those things which makes a woman complete. To promote in daughters who desire to be mothers and in mothers that they need to be career-minded is to say that motherhood does not deserve the position which God has given to it. It’s true that proverbs 31 addresses the roles of the wise woman and these include engaging in business, but to use this as an argument against fulfilling motherhood biblically understood is to take the content of scripture and re-order it so that it can fit in with your personal preferences. We want to defend motherhood alongside being productive in other ways and therefore understanding the order and priority that God has given to motherhood over other things is important if we are to proceed.

Principles and Methods

There is a difference between principles and methods which need to be understood. When mothers seek to make good decisions they will if their knowledge of God’s word is increasing and their practice is keeping up. This is where the principles and methods have their application. A principle is a basis of reasoning on which actions will be made and a method is how those actions will be undertaken. Therefore, the principle can be the same and the method can differ. As an example: all children need feeding but what they eat and when they eat will vary from home to home and the mother in each home will seek to fulfil this need in a way that takes everyone into consideration.

When we have successfully made the right distinction between principle and method, motherhood will retain the position and high calling that God has given to it and though the methods employed by mothers will vary the principles remain the same. However, this is not to suggest that all methods are equal or wise, for when one mother asks another what method they use to get their children to do something, it’s quite possible that the one offered is better than the one currently employed. Mothers may share many things in common but what they will not share is the same children and for that reason, different methods will be employed. though whatever method is employed it will only be wise if it has its roots in the word of God.

The method that one mother employes should never become a rule for another mother to follow, but both mothers should be led by God’s word and this will require a good understanding of the word of God. To put in simply, mothers are theologians who seek to employ the word of God and recognise that the role that they have been given is a high calling.

The blessing of motherhood

When mothers understand that God desires godly offspring (Mal 2:15) they will seek to understand their role with the desire of God. As they seek to fulfil this role they will at the same time learn that God has designed motherhood to be a blessing through all the hard work. For this reason, mothers will come to understand that their hard work will include the cultivation of their offspring as well as the killing of weeds. Her faith and obedience to God is central to her children learning to have faith and love for God themselves.

Fathers must recognise the blessing of motherhood, means that they must never belive, state or joke that the mother of their children does nothing all-day and somehow has it easy compared to him. The husband and father must love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her, and demonstrate to their children that her role is given to her by God. When this happens, sons and daughters will learn that work is something which happens inside the home as well as outside. This is important, for we would not want to do anything which devalues the role of motherhood.

Being faithful

Self-evaluation and the need for distraction are often found together. When mothers consider the calling and standard of motherhood as defined by scripture they can easily become disheartened when things are becoming difficult. These difficulties when handled incorrectly can cause some mothers to seek a different kind of work and even ministry. When a person feels inadequate for the task ahead of them or the pressure of not having any success in the current role, such a person can look for success, or at least removing the feeling of inadequacy by seeking employment or a role outside of the home. This is where mothers must realise that they have been given this high calling by God and He will enable them to faithfully fulfil that calling.

Sacrifice and Motherhood

The high calling of motherhood will define what qualifies as a sacrifice from what doesn’t. When the calling of motherhood is understood and is faithfully undertaken on a daily basis, other activities and roles will not always be fulfilled. If a wife has been called by God to be a mother, this is God’s way of indicating to her what He wants her to do, therefore, whatever she gives up to fulfil this calling she gives up in order to obey God, this is what it means to be called by God. Giving up that which God has not called you to do goes hand in hand with obeying what God wants us to do. For this reason, motherhood is never to be considered as something less than the high calling which God has assigned.

By Daniel Ralph

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