It’s not about singing it’s about authority and faith


If not singing in church is a form of common sense and christian charity then we are bound by Romans 14 to consider the weaker brothers in the faith. However, this would be one way that we are misunderstanding the issue, when the issue is always about who are we following and is faith involved? Romans 13 is the classic passage on civil government where we learn that we are obeying God when we are obeying the civil authorities. Nevertheless, as I stated in my previous post (A Response to those who say we shouldn’t sing) there are biblical exceptions that must be considered. For instance, when the Hebrew Midwives kept all babies alive, even though they were commanded by the king of Egypt at the time to kill all those who were born a boy (Ex 1:16), they rightly kept the boys alive. Now, before anyone says ‘yes, but what they were asked to do was immoral and we are not being asked to do something immoral by wearing face masks’ , this is correct, but my first point is to prove that there are exceptions to the Romans 13 rule.

The point which I have made and which I seek to make again is about authority and faith. If we believe that Jesus has victory over death and we in Him have the same by virtue of belonging to him and we believe that He has numbered our days, how do we witness this to the world? The reason why many ministers agreed and pressed home the importance of locking down the church initially is because of such passage like Romans 14 and maybe even Leviticus 13. Since many believers had ceased attending church even before the government guided the country in to a lockdown. What do we learn from this? We learn that while none of us are perfect, some fear the unknown more than others, but God did not give us a spirit of fear, He gave us faith which is a gift resulting from the vicarious life and death of Jesus resulting in the victory over death.

Therefore, when we are told that we cannot gather and when we can we cannot sing by the governing authorities. It has to be interpreted through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and what was accomplished. Therefore, if we are not singing as a means of considering the weaker brother, we have to ask if that is something which should determine that choice? If we are not singing because we are following the government guidelines (which work more like laws, as the police can be called to make sure you keep to the guidelines) and we do as they say, then how can a minister of God’s word proclaim Jesus victory over death and the gift of faith, and that God has numbered our days. Therefore, the question which is staring some of us in the face, is, how can the life altering gospel be proclaimed with conviction so that it doesn’t just remain in the heart? So, when I say that God would want us to sing, I am affirming that He would want us to live by faith, because without faith it is impossible to please Him. I am not saying that we should do something reckless, but I am saying that we are called to live under the authority of God as understood in His word.

By Daniel Ralph

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