Sunday, AD33: He is Risen


He is Risen

We see the death of death in the death of Christ and His resurrection proclaims his victory and those who believe in Him though they die, yet shall they live.

Reflecting on Thomas and the Guards

Thomas was one of the disciples as we know – who wanted to see Jesus for himself in order to believe. What Jesus says after He appears to Thomas is very important for us to hear – He says, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen yet have believed”.

It’s easy for us to miss what Jesus is saying here if we are not careful – He’s saying, that to believe God’s Word rather than what your own eyes see or not see is to be blessed by God. We often put what we see above what God has spoken and we should not do that. True sight comes not from what you see with your eyes but from hearing the word of God and this is why believers are to walk by faith and not by sight. This means that followers of Christ see by hearing the word of God. Now it’s important that Jesus appears too many hundred in His resurrection body – showing us that what He said would happen, happened. As we see in the words of Jesus to Thomas, Jesus puts believing the Word of God above, of greater importance than being able to see with your own eyes. This is especially relevant for us today who don’t get to walk to the tomb on Easter Sunday.  The word of God is very good at describing what doubt is – either you don’t believe what you see or you don’t believe what you hear.  To address the issue of doubt another way, the question is not about why you doubt but rather why you don’t believe.

The report to the guard

Only some of the guards returned from the tomb after the resurrection to give an account to what happened. Money would be offered and given to cover up what happened, all they had to do was say that they fell asleep on the job and the disciples came by night and stole the body while they were asleep, but anyone who pays attention here can see the problems with such a story. If the disciples were asleep how could they know what happened.” How can you be a witness to what happened to the body of Jesus, if you don’t see anything because you were asleep? But such a lie would be proven to be a lie when Jesus appeared to the many hundreds that he did.

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord, risen from the dead and every promise of God is yes and amen in Christ Jesus.

Video by Peter Crockett

By Daniel Ralph

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