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Hand to mouth blessings


Several weeks ago I addressed the subject of how we are to depend on God, I also addressed how that dependence is not independent of others in the faith. What I would like to do here is build on that understanding as I seek to answer what it means to be blessed by God. Through wisdom, the house is built When Christians collapse under the weight of something which they have carried before, they...

The Victory and the Kingdom


For any person who thinks about the kingdom of God, they will have to wrestle with the “now and not yet” tension. An illustration often used to think about this is the mountain view, it’s where you witness in the distance the tops of all the mountains ahead of you without seeing the valleys in between. Another illustration might be that off a football game where one side has...

The hate crime bill and why John the baptist could help himself


The problem with good and evil occupying the same place is nothing new and this is emphasised in the parables, where He addresses the separation which is to take place at the end of history. Before we get to the parable which addresses this subject, a few other things must be considered first. This must happen so that we can understand how God’s word continues to address the age-old...

When only God knows why


In January of 2007, Joshua Bell a world-renown violinist performed a 43-minute piece Bach on his Stradivarius. Standing at a  subway entrance he was ignored by every passer-by, some of those who passed him by would later pay a great deal of money to hear him play the next night in a concert hall. This raises an obvious question, Why were they willing to pay so much to hear him play in concert and...

Rocking Horse Christianity


Just over three years ago the American people were introduced to the idea of  “alternative facts” by a press secretary who had the scary ability to answer questions that were never asked as though they were asked. When this happens, the frustration of trying to defend what is clearly true is disempowering for the person telling the truth. Progress is difficult enough but when...

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