A Christian culture


Henry R Van Til, once said that culture is religion externalised, I believe that he is using the word religion synonymous with belief, meaning that people’s beliefs creates a certain kind of culture. ┬áIt follows that wherever you have dominant beliefs you will have a certain type of culture, Nazi Germany was based on certain beliefs and with it you had its cultural influence. Certain parts...

Blue Story and La Rochefoucauld


La Rochefoucauld said that some people would never have fallen in love if they had not heard of it. Vue has made the decision to pull the film Blue Story on the day of its release. Because of a mass brawl involving knives and machetes carried by youths outside a cinema in Birmingham. They may have been rightly influenced by the words of La Rochefoucauld or Rene Girard for that matter. While it...

Developing thoughts


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at the “Raising Expectations” conference. My subject and point was that only those created in Chrsit Jesus can do the good works the world requires. Because, Christians are the ones who by the will of God participate in the reconciliation of all things. God prepared good works for those whom he also predestined and these good works are a...

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