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-1 but it feels like -5

With winter upon us we have been reintroduced to weather reports that go something like this ” the temperature today is -1 but it will feel like -5″. This relationship between what something is and what it will feel like is more than interesting (and even confusing, how can the temperature be different than what it feels?) when it comes to what we remember. We can feel cold, warm or...

The Victory and the Kingdom


For any person who thinks about the kingdom of God, they will have to wrestle with the “now and not yet” tension. An illustration often used to think about this is the mountain view, it’s where you witness in the distance the tops of all the mountains ahead of you without seeing the valleys in between. Another illustration might be that off a football game where one side has...

Rocking Horse Christianity


Just over three years ago the American people were introduced to the idea of  “alternative facts” by a press secretary who had the scary ability to answer questions that were never asked as though they were asked. When this happens, the frustration of trying to defend what is clearly true is disempowering for the person telling the truth. Progress is difficult enough but when...

3 Jobs and counting


What purpose do work and education serve? In other words, do we see it as something which we can use to impact the world for the Glory of God or do we see it as a means of survival in the world? What is the relationship between being productive and being charitable, when those in need of charity are those who have the ability to work? I addressed these questions and others at length in my work on...

Every Word


When a person begins speaking about what the Bible teaches before they have finished reading it, they can easily fall into many difficulties and then wonder why this has happened. This doesn’t mean that we will be able to avoid every difficulty once we have read through the entire Bible, but it will make a big difference. We’re not wanting Christians to fall into needless and...

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