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How can you say…?


In the Psalms, we can hear the Psalmist speak to his soul, ‘why are you cast down…’ and in many ways these words like the words of David in Psalm 11:1 ‘In the LORD I take refuge; how can you say to my soul,’Flee like a bird to your mountain’ address our identity. These words are spoken by David in a time of crisis and they express how the faithful may have...

Reading lessons and lessons from reading


The Thessalonian Christians are praised for how they received the word of God because they received it not as a word from men but rather as the word of God. Paul noticed how the word of God worked effectively and powerfully in the lives of those who believed, this is highlighted in the reason why Jesus spoke at times in parables. Reading sermons engages the mind in a different way than listening...

The hate crime bill and why John the baptist couldn’t help himself


The problem with good and evil occupying the same place is nothing new and this is emphasised in the parables, where He addresses the separation which is to take place at the end of history. Before we get to the parable which addresses this subject, a few other things must be considered first. This must happen so that we can understand how God’s word continues to address the age-old...

When only God knows why


In January of 2007, Joshua Bell a world-renown violinist performed a 43-minute piece Bach on his Stradivarius. Standing at a  subway entrance he was ignored by every passer-by, some of those who passed him by would later pay a great deal of money to hear him play the next night in a concert hall. This raises an obvious question, Why were they willing to pay so much to hear him play in concert and...

Recovering our trust in the power of God’s word


What purpose does the ministry of the word serve? The Bible is the written word of God and from it we learn that the early church was served through the ministry of writing. The New Testament church as we see from the letters they received were to live according to the word of God. However, the written and recorded ministry of the word does more than simply provide laws and instructions for...

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