His thoughts and ways


Throughout Scripture, there are many verses that we can quickly bring to mind, but sometimes we can remember the words without remembering the meaning. When we read or hear that God’s ways are not our ways and God’s thoughts are not like our thoughts, do we hear them as they are meant to be heard? Often these words have been read and understood in such a way where they keep God at a...

Turning away


Some of us might have felt at some point in time, the feeling of not wanting tomorrow to come, for fear of what it has in store for us. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ shouldn’t have that type of feeling when it comes to his second coming.  Paul here reassures these young followers of Christ in Thessalonica, that they will be rescued, delivered from the wrath of God that is coming. This final...

God speaks


Isaiah is a prophet, and that means he speaks God’s words to God’s people on God’s behalf, and that means we are all listening to God when we listen to Isaiah. The message of Isaiah has much to say but our focus should be on the unchanging reality of how God deals with his people, in other words, God is always involved and the suffering servant, the messiah, that Isaiah comes to speak about is...

Not afraid of bad news


There is no doubt that the psalms are full of praise for God and Psalm 112 is no different. It begins with “Praise the Lord” and if you were wondering what for, the psalm explains. To praise God is to speak well of God and such praise would be given if only we could truly appreciate all that God does for us. This psalm is a companion with psalm 111 but this psalm falls into the category of a...

commitments in a changing world


If Psalm 8 taught us that we have God’s attention, then this part of psalm 119 (v89-112) teaches us that we have His word. Psalm 119 is a long psalm and this section is book-ended with the word forever. V1 “forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens” and v112 “I incline my heart to perform your statutes (that is God’s word, his laws) forever, to the end.” Everything in between is...

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