Family: Children and the knowledge of good and evil


We can learn a lot from what God commands His people to stay away from, everything from fortune tellers to keeping our lives free from the love of money. Children will grow up in a world where the knowledge of good and evil is out in the open and they do not automatically have the necessary wisdom to deal the challenges this brings. Therefore, children will need protecting and training as they...

Family: Words and Children


God gave us language that we might understand the truth and that our communication would be truthful. Words have power, they can build up and they can destroy and therefore choosing our words carefully before we speak them is very important, especially when they are spoken to children who develop quickly and believe easily. The words that we speak are words that we believe and have therefore...

Family: The high calling of motherhood


The high calling of motherhood can be easily missed and even given a lower position than the position which God has given it. This has come about for two reasons, the first is that the church has failed to teach on the high calling of motherhood and secondly because many mothers have been conformed to the world. God created men and women, God created the man to work and tend to the garden and He...

Family: Family life is feedback


Throughout Proverbs, we learn that those who ask for and receive God’s wisdom are given direction through life, children and parents alike would avoid the ever-present pitfalls that can ruin lives. We also learn that “desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way” (Prov 19:2). In other words, the impulsive person is the one who acts...

Family: Work and Rest


As we consider how the family functions on a daily basis, work and rest can be observed from different points of view by different members within the family. Let’s say that as the father comes home from being at work all day which is in a different location from his home, the home can easily become a place of rest, but for the Mother who has been teaching her children, preparing food...

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