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It’s not about singing it’s about authority and faith


If not singing in church is a form of common sense and christian charity then we are bound by Romans 14 to consider the weaker brothers in the faith. However, this would be one way that we are misunderstanding the issue, when the issue is always about who are we following and is faith involved? Romans 13 is the classic passage on civil government where we learn that we are obeying God when we are...

A response to those who say we shouldn’t sing


As I stated in my last post ‘Does God want us to sing?’, Romans 13 does teach that we are to be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God (Rom 13:1). The point being made here, is that in principle, the civil government is a good blessing from God, without which there would be anarchy. However...

Does God want us to sing?


Should the gathered people of God sing even though the government says that we shouldn’t? Is not singing a form of Christian charity or an act of disobedience before God? The early church when they met together (Acts 2:42) devoted themselves to the word of God, fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayers. In Ephesians, we learn that a church which is filled with the Holy Spirit and living...

Back to Basics


The first letter of John is to a young church and the simplest and best way to describe its message is that it is a call to get back to basics. The letter is written to young Christians who are the following generation of those who were eyewitnesses to Jesus. This is witnessed in the “we” “you” use of language and means of referencing. The letter also serves as a strong...

Where do we go for answers?


The times we live in are changing and have changed as most of us are aware. Those who watch the news and read newspapers realise very quickly that the world is confused about itself. As people will always look to be directed, even if we try and set out our own path and the importance of authority is stated and explained in scripture, in other words where do you go for answers? What can we expect...

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