Reading lessons and lessons from reading


The Thessalonian Christians are praised for how they received the word of God because they received it not as a word from men but rather as the word of God. Paul noticed how the word of God worked effectively and powerfully in the lives of those who believed, this is highlighted in the reason why Jesus spoke at times in parables. Reading sermons engages the mind in a different way than listening...

Where do we go for answers?


The times we live in are changing and have changed as most of us are aware. Those who watch the news and read newspapers realise very quickly that the world is confused about itself. As people will always look to be directed, even if we try and set out our own path and the importance of authority is stated and explained in scripture, in other words where do you go for answers? What can we expect...

Hand to mouth blessings


Several weeks ago I addressed the subject of how we are to depend on God, I also addressed how that dependence is not independent of others in the faith. What I would like to do here is build on that understanding as I seek to answer what it means to be blessed by God. Through wisdom, the house is built When Christians collapse under the weight of something which they have carried before, they...

The Victory and the Kingdom


For any person who thinks about the kingdom of God, they will have to wrestle with the “now and not yet” tension. An illustration often used to think about this is the mountain view, it’s where you witness in the distance the tops of all the mountains ahead of you without seeing the valleys in between. Another illustration might be that off a football game where one side has...

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