Psalm 101


Psalm 101: A Psalm of David

Music: Written by Noah Ralph

Psalm 101 is a royal psalm about the kind of ruler David should aim to be. Those who sing this psalm will have their desires shaped and their lives will pursue integrity. It is a song of commitment to the Lord and His ways, being devoted and setting a pattern for covenantal faithfulness.


I will sing of your steadfast love,

to you O Lord I will make this music.

I will ponder your blameless way,

when will you come to me O Lord.



I will walk with integrity of heart,

Oh when will you Lord come to me.

I will walk in your blameless way,

Knowing I’ll never fall away


I will not set before my eyes,

Anything that is worthless to you O Lord.

Their worthless works shall not cling to me,

for your way O Lord is important to me.



I will look to those faithful in the Lord,

that they may dwell together with me.

The one who walks in the blameless way,

he is the one who will minister to me.



Those who dwell in the house of the Lord,

are not like those who utter lies

Morning by morning I will destroy,

Cutting off the evil doers


Chorus x2

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