Psalm 111


Psalm 111                                                           Music: Written by Noah Ralph

Those who sing this Psalm will remind themselves of the great works of the Lord God. It is a hymn of praise and celebration focusing on the Lord God and how He has continually cared for His people. God is good and the people of God should enjoy the privileges they receive, and as they do they should fear the Lord. God is the one who will redeem His people for He has commanded His covenant forever.


Praise the Lord, I will give thanks to Him,

Great are the works studied by all who delight in them.

Full of splendour and majesty is His work,

And His righteousness endures forever.



The Lord is gracious and merciful to me,

He provides food for those who fear Him.

He remembers His covenant forever,

And shows his people the power of His works.


The works of His hands are faithful and just,

His precepts are trustworthy and are established forever.

They are to be performed with faith and uprightness,

O holy and awesome is the name of the Lord.


Chorus x2 (Then repeat the last two lines of the chorus)

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